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  • Archive for September 2012

    We’re sad to announce that At The Organ will be taking a hiatus. An episode later this week will offer a little more explanation.

    A busy schedule and a little bit of illness has delayed this week’s show to the point that we didn’t get it online. Check back next week though!

    This week’s episode is about Léon Boëllmann, François Couperin, and Horatio Parker, and we check in with Carol Williams. Listen to it here:

    podcast link

    Dr. Carol Williams is performing a 12-hour marathon on the Spreckels Organ in Balboa Park in San Diego, California. This week Dr. Williams tells us about playing that organ, and about this event. Listen to it here:

    podcast link

    Carol Williams’ website
    Operation Rebound Fundraising page
    Spreckels Organ Society
    Thanks to Rick Bowman of Lethal Sounds for production assistance.