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  • Ralph Vaughn Williams’ setting of the Walt Whitman poem Toward the Unknown Region launched him onto the international musical scene. Despite the quality of this work, it’s rarely performed today. In this episode we hear the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal) in St. Louis, Missouri perform the work, and hear Cathedral Organist William Partridge discuss the work and why we don’t hear it very often.

    Ralph Vaughan WilliamsWilliam (Pat) PartridgeChrist Church Cathedral

    4 Responses to “June 15, 2016 – Ralph Vaughan Williams, Toward the Unknown Region”

    • Colleen Berry:

      Beautiful! Mike Bohannon sounds wonderful.

    • Alan:

      I’m a beginning organ student and I just found your podcast and am hooked. Loved listening to the Vaughan Williams piece, it is wonderful. Thank you for the podcast!

      • Brent Johnson:

        Glad you’re enjoying the show. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or requests for people, topics, or music to include in future shows.

    • WONDERFUL! So well done! Shows off the organ and the choir….incredible definition Pat! No Vibrato in the women’s voices! OMG PERFECT! Thank Be To God! JPW

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