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    harold-stoverThis week we sit down to talk with Harold Stover about life in Maine, playing historic organs, and composing new organ music.

    This week on At the Organ, October 4th, we celebrate the September Equinox, also known as Autumn, with music for the season. Listen to it here:

    This week we play some of‘s most request tracks of 2015. Listen to it here:

    Podcast link

    Today we hear the rest of the interview with Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis organist William Partridge and our discussion of the work Prelude on Malabar. Recorded live in the Cathedral on a busy day, you can even hear tourists, worshipers and even janitors making noise in the background. Listen to it here:

    podcast link

    If you missed the first part of this, you can find that here.

    Music used in this episode:

    Today is the first of a two-part series on Leo Sowerby and two of his Chorale Preludes, Prelude on Land of Rest, and Prelude on Malabar. We talked with William Partridge, organist of Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis, and a student of Leo Sowerby’s. Listen to it here:

    podcast link

    Music used in this episode:

    • Leo Sowerby – Prelude on Land of Rest
      Andrew J. Peters
      1965 IV/60 Schantz, Second Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Missouri

    This week’s show is about Domenico Scarlatti, Gabriel Pierne, and Catharine Crozier. Listen to it here: