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    harold-stoverThis week we sit down to talk with Harold Stover about life in Maine, playing historic organs, and composing new organ music.

    This week we stay in Lincoln, Nebraska as we talk about the Schoenstein organ of First-Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Brent Johnson is joined by First-Plymouth Minister of Music Tom Trenney and President and Tonal Director of the Schoenstein Organ Company, Jack Bethards. Listen to it here:

    Jack Bethards
    Jack Bethards

    Tom Trenney
    Tom Trenney

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    We’re back with a show this week about Clarence Eddy, GOttfried Silbermann, the Hindemith Kammermusik #7, Maurice Duruflé, and the Copland Symphony for Organ and Orchestra. Listen to it here:

    Music heard in this episode:

    This week we have a short show about a variety of figures from history. Listen to it here: