September 25, 2020

Episode 171 – Johann Sebastian Bach Vol. XIII, Part 2

We continue with last week’s episode by paying the second disc in a random grab out of our collection of historic LPs for another episode of Brent’s Scratchy records. Again it’s from a multi-volume set of the works of Bach performed by Marie-Claire Alain, this time on the 1963 Marcussen organ of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Schleswig, Germany and the 1957 Marcussen organ of the Church of St. Nicolai in Åbenrå, Denmark.

Marie-Claire Alain
Marie-Claire Alain

Album: The Organ Works of Johann Sebastian Bach Vol XIII Disc 2
MHS 777
Artist: Marie-Claire Alain
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Fantasia in G major (Concerto) (BWV 571)
Concerto No. IV in C major after Duke Johann Ernst of Sachsen-Weimar (BWV 595)
Concerto No. VI in E-flat Major (BWV 597)
Fugue in C minor on a Theme of Legrenzi (BWV 574)
Prelude in C major (BWV 943)
Fugue in C major (BWV 946)
Trio in C minor (BWV 585)
Trio in G major (BWV 1027a)
Trio in D minor (BWV 583)
Trio in G major (BWV 586)
Aria in F major (BWV 587)
Kleine Harmonisches Labyrinth (BWV 591)

Organ: 1963 Marcussen III/80 St. Peter’s Cathedral, Schleswig, Germany

16 Principal8 Principal
16 Subbass8 Rørgedakt
8 Oktav8 Quintatøn
8 Gedakt4 Oktav
4 Oktav4 Spidsfløjte
4 Kobbelfløjte2 Oktav
2 Nathorn2 Waldfløjte
III Rauschquint1 1/3 Quint
V MixturII Sesquialt.
32 BasunV-VI Scharf
16 Basun16 Dulcian
8 Trompet8 Krumhorn
4 ZinckTremulant
16 Gedaktpommer8 Gedakt
8 Principal8 Spidsgamba
8 Spidsfløjte4 Principal
4 Oktav4 Rørfløjte
4 Nathorn2 Oktav
2 Oktav2 Blokfløjte
2 2/3 Quint2 2/3 Nasat
V-VI Mixtur1 Sivfløjte
III Scharf1 3/5 Terz
III CymbelIII Mixtur
16 FagotII Cymbel
8 Trompet16 Regal
8 Vox Humana
4 Regal

Organ: 1957 Marcussen III/44 St. Nicola’s Church, Åbenrå, Denmark
Specification of the organ


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