May 5, 2023

Episode 195 – Anton Heiller – J.S. Bach Organ Works Vol. 2

Album: J.S. Bach Organ Works, Vol. 2
The Bach Guild – BGS 70674

Organist: Anton Heiller

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Prelude and Fugue in E minor “Wedge” (BWV 548)
Prelude and Fugue in A major (BWV 536)
Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor (BWV 582)
Fantasia in G major (BWV 572)

Organ: 1959 Marcussen & Son, St. Mary’s Church, Hälsingborg, Sweden

Congratulations to Phillip Taylor, the Organ Media Foundation sponsor whose name was randomly drawn to receive this autographed copy of an album of Bach organ works by Anton Heiller!

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