July 2, 2020

Episode 161 – Stars and Stripes Forever, Two Centuries of Historic Music in America

This week we pull out a scratchy LP and record it here for posterity. E. Power Biggs plays American music from the 18th and 19th centuries. Listen to it here:

Music heard in this episode:

Title: A.D. 1620 (from Sea Pieces, Op. 55 no. 3)
Composer: Edward MacDowell

Title: The London March
Composer: Anonymous

Title: Chester
Composer: William Billings

Title: The Duke of York’s March
Composer: Anonymous

Title: Captain Sargent’s (Light Infantry Company’s) Quick March
Composer: Anonymous

Title: The Unknown
Composer: Anonymous

Title: General Burgoyne’s March
Composer: Anonymous

Title: Brandywine Quickstep
Composer: Anonymous

Title: Donshier Quickstep
Composer: Oliver Holden

Title: General Washington’s March
Composer: Anonymous

Title: Concert Variations on The Star Spangled Banner
Composer: Dudley Buck

Title: The Battle of Manassas
Composer: Thomas Green Bethune

Title: Trip to Pawtucket
Composer: Oliver Shaw

Title: Finale from Tremonisha – Marching Onward (A Real Slow Drag)
Composer: Scott Joplin

Title: The Stars and Stripes Forever
Composer: John Philip Sousa

Organist: E Power Biggs
Album: Stars and Stripes Forever – Two Centuries of Heroic Music in America – Columbia LP M34129
1708 I/4 Brattle, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
1947 IV/112 Aeolian-Skinner, Methuen Music Hall, Methuen, Massachusetts, USA
1970 III/46 CB Fisk, Old West Church, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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2 Responses


    Awesome. thank you.

  2. Calhoun says:

    Thanks! Not my planned listening for the day but what could be better than Biggsie in Methuen! (Last time I was there ’twas to catch Joan Lippencott.) Pulled my copy from the shelf – (and btw your playlist omits the Hewett, suitable to horrify the builder at a harpsochord opening.) You’ve improved the day.

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