April 7, 2023

Episode 193 – Bach-Vivaldi: 4 Concerti for Organ

Album: Bach-Vivaldi: 4 Concerti for Organ
The Bach Guild – BG 637

Organist: Anton Heiller

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Concerto in A minor (BWV 593)
Concerto in D minor (BWV 596)
Concerto in C major (BWV 594)
Concerto in G major (BWV 592)

Organ: 1959 Marcussen & Son, St. Mary’s Church, Hälsingborg, Sweden

Our copy of this album was autographed by Anton Heiller in 1965.

Anyone who becomes a sponsor of the Organ Media Foundation before or in April of 2023 may be entered into a drawing to receive the autographed copy of this album. To become a sponsor, visit our Support Page. You can become a sponsor for as little as $1.

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