Our website went away briefly when one of our hosts changed an IP and we didn’t catch it. Everything’s back, and we’re putting the last few missing (actually the first few) episodes back on the site.

Unfortunately we don’t know when the show will go back into production, but things are moving to get it back up and running. And we’re also looking forward to some fun live events this summer. Keep watching here for more updates.

At The Organ is still shuttered while other projects are taking priority. However, The Organ Media Foundation will be holding our first live broadcast event. Dr. Frederick Hohman will be performing at Third Baptist Church here in St. Louis on Sunday February 24, 2013. You can tune in and hear the performance live! Our broadcast will start at 3:00pm Central Time. To tune in, go to www.organmedia.org/live to tune in. Information about the program will be presented there. Tune in and join us for this exciting event!

We’re sad to announce that At The Organ will be taking a hiatus. An episode later this week will offer a little more explanation.

A busy schedule and a little bit of illness has delayed this week’s show to the point that we didn’t get it online. Check back next week though!

This week’s episode is about Léon Boëllmann, François Couperin, and Horatio Parker, and we check in with Carol Williams. Listen to it here:

podcast link

Dr. Carol Williams is performing a 12-hour marathon on the Spreckels Organ in Balboa Park in San Diego, California. This week Dr. Williams tells us about playing that organ, and about this event. Listen to it here:

podcast link

Carol Williams’ website
Operation Rebound Fundraising page
Spreckels Organ Society
Thanks to Rick Bowman of Lethal Sounds for production assistance.

There’s no show this week. Things have been very busy getting our new station, Positively Baroque ready to go online before the end of the month. Come back next week when we’ll be joined by San Diego Municipal Organist, Carol Williams.

Today we remember organist Carlo Curley who passed away a week ago Saturday at the age of 59. Organist Cherry Rhodes, Carlo’s North American Manager Keith Pendergraft and Carlo’s friend Lee Maloney join us to share their memories and stories of Carlo. Listen to this episode here:

podcast link

The music heard in this episode came from Carlo’s private recordings performed on the Wanamaker Grand Court Organ in 2000 and 2004, with the exception of the last track. We actually don’t know where that was recorded, but we’re tracking it down.

We’re back this week with a show about Jacques Ibert, Vincent Persichetti, and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. This week’s show is a downloadable podcast, thanks to our friends at Pro Organo. Listen to it here:

podcast link

This week we talk about Walter Piston, Albert Ketèlby, Giovanni Gabrieli. Also a new contest for Organlive fans! Listen to this episode here: